Image of Lisbon in the evening, where you can explore using our Lisbon city guide.
Photograph by Raphael Chekroun


Gone are the days of dragging around a bulky, out-of-date, city guide. Cities Talking provides a digital city guide which reinvigorates travel into a sleek, personal and immersive experience. Whether exploring the ancient cobbled streets of Edinburgh, or marvelling at the spectacular architecture of Gaudi’s Barcelona, Cities Talking provides tours for all passions.

Curated local knowledge comprises the backbone of Cities Talking. Covering 28 cities across the world and enabling users to explore their chosen destination at their own pace, the app allows a free, on-demand and user-defined solution to travellers seeking memorable, exploratory and absorbing journeys.

Each tour is professionally curated, and written by locally renowned cultural personalities, giving tourists unique insight overlooked by everyday travel guides. Regularly updated ‘FYIs’ contain recommendations on unparagoned bars, restaurants, markets and pop-up shops.