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Q: Can I listen to tours without an Internet connection?

A: The cities Talking app downloads and keeps all tour content so you can always listen to a tour when you want. For locating yourself on a tour you need to have your GPS enabled.

Q: I have downloaded a tour but something isn’t working right. What do I do?

A: Any and all tour purchases you make on your App are always available for redownload. If you suspect any issue with your tour then you can click restore all tours and redownload any tour.

Q: I updated my App and now all my tours are no longer available in the App. How can I restore them.

A: The Cities Talking App automatically will determine what tours you have previously downloaded and show a download icon next to the tours. In case you don’t see the icon, you can restore all purchased tours by clicking on restore.

Q: How does the App know where I am and is this information shared?

A: The Cities Talking App uses your device’s location services to locate you on our maps. This information is only used by the app and is discarded as soon as a new GPS reading is used. So outside your own device, your location is not shared at all.

Q: if I buy a tour and decide to stop while on it what will happen?

A: Nothing. Except the tour will automatically pause for you until you decide to start it again. This allows you to sit, have a coffee, explore and then continue on your tour with no worry about being left behind.

Q: When I first open the app I dont see any tour already downloaded. Do I have to buy a tour to use the app?

A: No you don’t have to purchase a tour. We have 2 free tours available in London and Ibiza. You can download them from the Buy screen.

Q: Can I get in contact with the different places you have listed in your FYIs?

A: Yes you can get in touch by simply clicking on the address or the phone number. Our App will automatically locate or call the FYI location using your mobile.

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