Using the Cities Talking app couldn’t be easier! Simply download the app and follow the on-screen guide. Don’t forget there are no roaming charges!

Cities Talking uses Google maps and has been designed to look familiar and be easy for users by following Apple and Android designs. Each walking tour is made up of points of interest. As you follow the on-screen map, audio is triggered when you approach each point of interest describing where you are and providing a unique and memorable audio guide for the area.

Using the on-screen controls you can pause, rewind or fast forward the audio putting you firmly in control of your walking tour experience. The audio for each point of interest is also reproduced as text on-screen so you can read about the area as well as listening to the commentary. Don’t forget, if you want to have a rest, a drink or get something to eat you can pause the walk at anytime – you’re in charge. This means you can also move away from the route to visit other points of interest we have highlighted on your phone’s map.

citiestalking guide

Ready to download?

When you buy the app it automatically downloads to your phone and you’re ready to start walking. Don’t forget it’s on your phone so there are no roaming charges.

citiestalking my tours

My tours

Once you have downloaded the app simply follow the on screen map while listening to the audio. Don’t forget you can stop, pause or rewind at any stage and you can also view the walk script on screen.

citiestalking FYI


Use the FYI function for some great local knowledge. Our FYI tab will lead you to the best places to grab some grub, where the latest and greatest bars, pubs, and clubs are, and where you can find some amazing local markets and things to do that are off the so called beaten track. With this feature you have the opportunity to live like the locals!

citiestalking tour notes

Tour notes

With the Tour Notes feature you have the ability to record any sights or memorable experiences you have whilst on the tour. It is the perfect way to remember your favorite places, whether it be that cute little alley way, or the wonderful church you stumbled upon. You can record everything in the Tour Notes tab, and return to these spots whenever you fancy.