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Baltic in Bath


The overwhelmingly tantalising scent of roasted pecans and warm cinnamon will be the first thing to hit you as you meander across to Bath Christmas Market. Made up of 170 wooden chalets which line the streets around the city’s abbey, Bath’s Christmas Market is one of the most beloved in the whole of the UK due to its simple authenticity and classic nature. For almost three weeks, the city is taken over by local artisans, festive food stalls, twinkling lights and Christmas music in a celebration that draws visitors from far and wide to enjoy the picturesque Georgian city.

Unlike other markets across the UK – I’m thinking busy Birmingham and wild Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park – Bath is all about a quainter Christmas. Maybe it’s something to do with old buildings. Maybe it’s because of the relaxed vibe of the city all year round. Either way, Bath’s Market is the one to visit if you are after a more subtle approach to the festive season; a quieter Christmas. (A Quistmas? I’ll see myself out.)

The city streets of one of the UK’s most historic cities come to life with the magic of festive feeling. Ok, the phrase “Let’s go see the markets in Bath” is probably more than enough to send you “rockin’ around the Christmas tree,” but the quirkiness of the city’s festivities are bound to leave you full of cheer – and, no, it isn’t just because of the piping hot mulled wine you’ve downed.

As you wander at leisure through the markets, you might want to stop at the stalls which offer several unique handmade crafts. One of the best things about this city is it’s push on independent companies. Bath offers a variety of vintage and craft businesses, a lot of which bag a booth at the markets each winter. The wonderfully creative work is out for display; everything from artisanal snow globes to ornately decorated baubles. It's the perfect place for the Late Christmas Shopper (yes, we get our own title!), picking up personalised and unique gifts for friends and family.

It’s also the perfect spot to sample some of the region’s finest delicacies and produce. In case you didn’t know, Bath is known for its soft cheese and Iford Cider. You have to sample both! Did you even go to Bath Christmas Markets if you don’t take some home? Not to mention, the enticing scents of freshly baked bread is bound to stir up an appetite. Don’t fret, all you vegans out there! This year, there will even be a dedicated food vegan chalet where you can enjoy mouth-watering street food – be sure to come hungry; the burgers won’t eat themselves!

There is something so effortless about Bath’s Christmas Market. It’s the sparkling centrepiece of the city, but it glows in the most subtle and simple of ways. It’s not about the glitz and the glamour or the crowded chaos other markets thrive on. The city embraces the traditions of the most wonderful time of the year, celebrating all things local and handmade in the quaintest, inspiring way that really appeals to your festive spirit. Not to mention the iconic city backdrops you can spot…see how many you can count! It makes Bath’s Christmas Market the perfect spot to take in the seasonal atmosphere.

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