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If you’re in need of some fresh Insta content fit for the festive season, then fa-la-la-la-leg it on over to Leipzig. This German town will offer you some snap-worthy shots you’ll bank for life in your photo album. The whimsically wonderful festive celebrations that take place in the market are something to marvel at. The colours, the lights, the music…it all amounts to a truly authentic experience at the German market. Grab a mug of piping hot mulled wine and get your camera angle perfect, all you amateur photographers out there – this isn’t one you want to miss.

Let’s throw it back to 1458; that’s when these markets came to life. They happen to be the largest and oldest collection of Christmas Markets in the whole of Germany and remain an important part of the country’s heritage. If there was such thing as a Giant Jigsaw of German History, then Leipzig’s markets would be a pretty big piece! Take a bit of cultural cuisine, mix it in with some old-school tradition and drizzle it with a cheer that’s “merry and bright” then boom: you have Leipzig Market.

You can count up to 250 stalls which twinkle with the dim golden lights of festive ambience. Get your camera ready for the festive fun that oozes the same kind of Christmas magic melted brandy butter does because, at Leipzig, Christmas means some Serious Business. They don’t do things by halves; the markets are the equivalent of the roast potatoes of your Christmas Dinner: they’re the best part of the plate and the meal just isn’t the same without them – no questions, arguments or objections, please.

The markets are the centre of attention when it comes to the Christmas period in Leipzig and it’s no wonder, really. I mean, with a Saxon spruce tree that stretches up to 20 metres high, the phrase ‘eye-catching’ barely encompasses the sheer enormity of the festive flavour the backdrop to the markets brings. Adding a Ferris wheel in there for good measure, you can guarantee some idyllic seasonal views at Leipzig Christmas Markets – perfect for the keen photographers amongst you. Get snap-happy with your phone or your camera. These are the kinds of shots you’ll want to show your nearest and dearest when you get back home.

Have you always wanted to go to Leipzig Christmas Markets to check out the largest, free-standing Advent calendar in the entire world? Ok, let me rephrase that: did you know that you could go to Leipzig to check out the largest, free-standing Advent calendar in the entire world? Marvel at this hilarious festive feature, making sure to snap a couple of photos by it. It certainly makes a change from your cheap chocolate one back at home!

The Market also adds in a pretty smooth twist to the festive fun, in the form of music. In case you didn’t know, this German town is pretty much a musical pilgrimage to any Bach fan. The Baroque composer has a museum dedicated to his legacy right here, in the town in which he died. The musical element of the markets take place during the weekend; if you are able to time your visit to Leipzig (aka Bach-ville) accordingly, make sure you do. You don’t want to miss out on a performance by the world-famous St. Thomas Choir. They’ll leave you enchanted.

Leipzig’s markets are a carnival of festive cheer and delight. From the music to the smells, to the wonderful visuals you can’t miss out on snapping up in a photo, there is something so wonderfully whimsical about Leipzig markets. It’s impossible to feel anything but “merry and bright” here.

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